Business Technology Consulting

Building breakthrough applications for the Internet requires new techniques to integrate your business with the latest technology. Find out how Qnet developers’ fresh ideas, powerful tools and experience can help you create solutions for your business.

Effective Enterprise Application Integration requires a combination of business and technical expertise. Qnet consultants have proven industry and application knowledge to transform business processes into technical solutions. We understand design considerations and are experienced with integration strategies to maximize value in implementation. Another business solution Qnet provides is Software as a Service (SaaS) which is a software delivery method that provides access to industry specific software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. Qnet SaaS allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is based on a monthly fee. Also, because the software is hosted remotely, businesses don’t need to invest in additional hardware. SaaS removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up and often daily upkeep and maintenance.